jeudi, décembre 08, 2005


I just discovered Craftster, and I think I might become irrevocably addicted. I have been wanting to sew things for a while, but my machine's just been sitting there neglected. I've also been itching to make jewelery.

I think perhaps crafts are good things for me to do. They provide almost immediate gratification, and my brain is just geared to see the results of what I do sooner rather than later, or I lose focus.

Not to mention, when you're finished, you've got stuff! To give away or to hoard greedily.

Mm, greedy hoarding.


Blogger belletrism said...

bad misty, bad. *spank* no greedy hoarding. you must share your immense gift. You know with great power comes... great responsibility, don't you?

décembre 13, 2005 7:38 AM  

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